Nimoy Friend Pens Children’s Book About Actor

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Richard Michelson, a Northampton gallery owner and longtime friend of Leonard Nimoy, has written a children’s biography about the actor.

The book is called Fascinating: The Life of Leonard Nimoy, and it is a “moving biography of the late Leonard Nimoy, whose story exemplifies the American experience and the power of pursuing your dreams.”

Michelson met Nimoy when the two were visiting the National Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, Massachusetts. Michelson had written Too Young for Yiddish, which would later be recorded by Nimoy as part of the “Nimoy Library of Recorded Jewish Books.”

“We bonded over a love of art and literature,” said Michelson. “And when I saw the full range and quality of his photographs, I became his gallerist.”

Michelson got the idea to do the book on Nimoy after watching Leonard Nimoy’s Boston, a documentary by Adam Nimoy. “I realized Leonard’s life story was as remarkable as any I’d written about, and would be perfect to inspire the next generation,” said Michelson. “I did not know Leonard would pass away only three months later. I am glad I didn’t wait!”

When the book was finished, Nimoy told Michelson that “It’s wonderful and I’m flattered…It is an amazing piece of work and I love that you decided to do it.”

“He was a great storyteller, and laughed more than anyone I know,” said Michelson. “Obviously, he will forever be known as Spock, but it is the humanity that Leonard brought to the half-human character that will be his legacy.

“He is a champion for everyone who ever felt like they “didn’t fit in,” — which, at one point or another, is all of us.”

Fascinating, The Life of Leonard Nimoy will be out next month. For more information, head to the link located here.


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