Lin: Star Trek Beyond Deleted Scenes

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Fans hoping for extra Star Trek Beyond scenes, there is good news and there is bad news.

The movie originally came in at two hours and twenty-seven minutes. “These scenes come in long,” said Lin. “But long and compelling, you know?

“It was interesting because at the end of the day, there [were] only a couple of scenes that I ended up not using. But it was really a contraction issue; a rhythm issue.”

One scene included Scotty’s escape from the Enterprise. “For example, if you see in the movie, Scotty runs into the torpedo bay, and then you see Manas come in, and then you see the torpedo being loaded,” said Lin. “But there was this great one-er of going with Scotty – he’s trapped, he has nowhere to go, and he’s looking and looking and he finds that there’s a torpedo being repaired. And then he reacts like ‘What the hell!’

“Simon did such a great job and I didn’t want to cut…and that was one of the last shots I ended up removing because it was not helping the overall, even though I loved the performance; I loved that moment.”

But fans may not see this deleted scene on a Blu-ray release. “I haven’t decided yet,” said Lin. “I’ll tell you as a filmmaker; I spend hours and days and every frame of that movie; I’m fighting for, you know? And unless the studio gives me the money to go back in and get all those things right, I don’t feel comfortable sharing that.

“If it’s greenscreen and visual effects or CG is not totally done, it takes you out.”

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Source: Collider

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