Dave & Busters Trek Arcade Game To Celebrate Trek’s Anniversary

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Last month, TrekToday reported on the new Trek-themed arcade game launched by Dave & Busters.

In the game, “players control a mechanical arm to launch metal tokens at a pile of tokens, chips and collectible Star Trek cards. Chips and cards knocked off the ledge can be picked up and redeemed for prizes. The first set of eight character cards, available now through October 2016, feature Star Trek legends from the 1960s TV series including Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Sulu, and a rare card featuring the Tribbles. Each card is also available in a limited, foil-enhanced version, redeemable for even bigger prizes.”

To celebrate Star Trek‘s Fiftieth Anniversary, Dave & Busters is now offering a limited edition collectible card. This lenticular card features images of the USS Enterprise-NCC-1701, and the ship’s original crew.

The card will only be available in the game from September 8-11.

“Our Star Trek arcade game has been a runaway hit with fans of the franchise from the 1960s TV series all the way up through the latest movies,” said Kevin Bachus, senior vice president of Entertainment & Games strategy at Dave & Busters. “This collectible card boldly goes where few others have gone before to commemorate the occasion, and provides us with an opportunity to celebrate Star Trek‘s Fiftieth anniversary with Trekkies and gaming fans alike.”

Source: PRNewsWire

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