Boutella On Joining Star Trek Beyond

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In the latest issue of Empire Magazine, Sofia Boutella described being approached to do Star Trek Beyond and spoke about her lack of knowledge in what becoming part of the Star Trek family would mean.

When she did her first audition for the movie, she didn’t know for which movie she was reading. “It wasn’t until the callback that they told me it was Star Trek, and what character I was playing,” she said. “Then they took me to the make-up trailer and said, ‘This is what you’re going to look like.’ And I was like, ‘Holy shit.'”

Director Justin Lin was pleased with Boutella right away. “I knew as soon as I saw her,” he said. “Usually when you’re writing you try to find someone to fit [what you’ve written], but I started crafting the character to Sofia’s strengths. I wanted someone who when you meet them has this strength, but you realize it might be a mask.

“I knew if we did it right [that] it would be great to have a new character who could potentially join the family.”

Did Boutella realize what she was getting into by accepting a role in a Star Trek movie? “I don’t think I quite understand the extent of what I’m part of yet,” she said. “To be honest, I’m not very familiar [with Trek]. I saw the two films of the new franchise but I didn’t grow up watching it. It’s the same with Star Wars; it just wasn’t a part of me growing up. I wasn’t geeking on it to be honest.”

Source: Empire Online

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