Trek-Themed Birth.Movies.Death Magazine

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This month’s Birth.Movies.Death magazine will travel to Star Trek‘s 23rd century with a limited-edition edition in honor of Star Trek‘s Fiftieth Anniversary.

The cover of the magazine was created by Mondo artist Chris Skinner, and it features the original series USS Enterprise on the front cover, and the Kelvin Timeline USS Enterprise on the back cover.

Articles in this Trek-themed magazine include:

  • Biography of Gene Roddenberry, the Great Bird of the Galaxy by Jordan Hoffman (host of Engage: The Official Star Trek Podcast)
  • Examination of the Revolutionary Influence of Lt. Uhura from The Atlantic and Vulture writer Angelica Jade Bastien.
  • Interview with Rod Roddenberry about the forthcoming TV series by Legion of Leia host Jenna Busch.
  • Pictorial history of the evolution of the Enterprise and how Star Trek influenced real space travel by Dr. Ray Wagner.
  • Exploration of the westerns that inspired Star Trek‘s view of the future by Priscilla Page.
  • Space Oddities: The Music of Star Trek’s Stars
  • Mister Spock: A Window to Humanity, and Ourselves
  • Dammit Jim!: Bones as Friend, Therapist and Foil
  • Scotty’s Greatest Miracle – The true life adventures of actual badass James Doohan
  • A Whole New World: How J.J. Abrams Made Me A Star Trek FanBMDStarTrek_EnterpriseSpreadTo order the Trek-themed Births.Movies.Death magazine, which will cost $6.00 head to the link located here.

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