Trek Family Support For Gay Character

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Although George Takei may not have been thrilled at the news that the character originally portrayed by him would be gay in Star Trek Beyond, others in the Trek family are just fine with that, including Gene Roddenberry‘s son Rod Roddenberry.

According to Rod, his father would have been totally supportive. “I think he would be one hundred percent in favor of a gay character in Star Trek,” he said. “There’s so much going on in the world today. I think he would love any sort of social issue being brought into Star Trek.

But he understands Takei’s position on the issue. “In a way, it’s George’s character,” he said. “I can understand why he feels strongly about it. I don’t see why everyone is bickering about it. It’s about fucking time. Let’s just do it.”

Other cast members chimed in on the matter. “It is definitely high time for an LGBT character to be included in the Star Trek universe,” said Zachary Quinto. “We’ve been really excited by the response, particularly from young people, who have been inspired and motivated by this turn toward progress.”

“[I’m] a little stunned there’s been so much attention given to it,” said Chris Pine.

Source: CBS Newsvia USA Today

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