Pegg And Urban Interview

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A new nine minute video at Collider features Simon Pegg and Karl Urban.

The topics ranged from the serious to the absurd. Topics include:

  • Harrison Ford comment to Pegg regarding a photo of Ford
  • Pegg in both Star  Trek and Star Wars
  • What Pegg and Urban collect
  • Favorite video game system
  • Involving the cast in the script
  • Seeing Star Trek Beyond with a large crowd
  • Spock/Bones relationship
  • Pete’s Dragon
  • Future Star Wars anthology film
  • Thor: Ragnarok
  • Pegg and Urban “outfranchising” each other

As seems to be the case lately with many places, the embed code won’t work, so head on over to Collider to see the video.

Source: Collider

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