Nimoy Wouldn’t Have Been In Beyond Anyhow

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According to his son Adam Nimoy, even if Leonard Nimoy hadn’t passed away prior to the shooting of Star Trek Beyond, he would not have been in the movie.

“I talked with dad extensively about it,” said Adam Nimoy. “He was very happy to be a part of this reincarnation of Star Trek, to be participating. It was very hard for him when they came with the third installment, Star Trek Beyond, and they wanted him involved. But he had to say no because of his health.

“He didn’t think he could physically do it. So that was difficult for him. But he was very pleased and very happy to end his career as Spock with those cast members.”

Nimoy was content to have passed on the Spock character to Zachary Quinto. “Dad was very comfortable with Zachary continuing the tradition of playing Spock,” said Adam Nimoy. “So he’s got a professional connection with Spock and the family, but he’s also got a personal connection. He’s been like a member of the family.”

Source: 1701 News

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