Lin On Lone Wolf And Cub

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Once Star Trek Beyond is in the rear view mirror, Justin Lin will be turning his attention to the remake of the manga Lone Wolf And Cub.

Lone Wolf and Cub is the story of “a noble samurai plotted against and framed in an assassination conspiracy. He then “disobeys his Shogun’s orders and becomes an assassin for hire.”

“For the last year and a half I’ve been on this Star Trek detour,” said Lin, “the greatest detour of my career. But I’m excited because Lone Wolf And Cub is one of many projects that I can’t wait to go back and revisit in the next two weeks when we’re done with all the press.

“This is the best time to make a movie like Lone Wolf And Cub, and to be able to really embrace the spirit and the essence of what makes it great.”

Early plans are to have an Asian cast for the movie, which will begin shooting next year.

Source: Empire Onlinevia Variety

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