USS Enterprise Moves Upstairs

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After an extensive restoration, the USS Enterprise model is moving from the basement of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum to the main floor tomorrow.

“It’s been brought into the light because over time, its historical significance has grown,” said Malcolm Collum, Smithsonian conservator.

The ship has been restored to what it looked like during the filming of The Trouble with Tribbles episode. “This is a fifty-year-old model,” said Collum, explaining the need for restoration. “It was starting to show its age. It made me really nervous. It could have catastrophically fallen apart.”

The restoration was finished in time for the celebration of the Air and Space Museum‘s fortieth birthday. The museum will remain open all night this Friday, where attendees can “stargaze in the observatory, go on scavenger hunts, and watch space-themed movies.”

More information on the fortieth birthday celebration can be found here.

Source: The Washington Post

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