Trek TV Series Adds Writers

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Some familiar names will be writing episodes for the new Star Trek television series to begin airing next year.

The writers include Joe Menosky, Aron Coleite and Jesse Alexander. They will be joining Kirsten Beyer, Bryan Fuller, and Nicholas Meyer.

Trek fans are familiar with Menosky’s work. He wrote for The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager, including episodes such as Darmok, Time’s Arrow, The Chase, Time’s Orphan, The Thaw, Future’s End, Distant Origin, Year of Hell and Equinox.

Coleite is a writer and also a producer of various television series, including Heroes. Alexander is another Heroes alumnus.

In other news, Mark Worthington will be coming aboard as production designer, according to his updated resume. He is known for his work on American Horror Story, where he was nominated three years in a row for an Emmy for Outstanding Art Direction in TV Miniseries.

The new Trek series will premiere in January 2017.

Source: 1701News.comvia TrekCore

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