New US Star Trek Stamp Release

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More Star Trek stamps are on the way, this time from the U.S. Postal Service.

In addition to the four Trek stamps, other stamps of interest feature NASA New Horizons‘ historic 2015 flyby, the moon, and the planets in our solar system.

The Trek forever stamps will “celebrat[e] the Fiftieth anniversary of the television premiere,” and “showcase four digital illustrations inspired by the television program: the Starship Enterprise inside the outline of a Starfleet insignia against a gold background, the silhouette of a crewman in a transporter against a red background, the silhouette of the Enterprise from above against a green background, and the Enterprise inside the outline of the Vulcan statue against a blue background. The words “Space…the Final Frontier,” from Captain Kirk’s famous voice-over appear against a background of stars.

No release date has been provided yet by the USPS for the Trek stamps.


The other space stamps, released this week, include: a souvenir sheet of four stamps honoring NASA‘s New Horizons mission, a pane of sixteen stamps featuring two stamps each of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune; and a set of ten global forever stamps of the Moon ($1.20 each).


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Source: NASA

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