IDW Publishing Trek Comics Out Tomorrow

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Two new Trek comics from IDW Publishing will debut tomorrow. The comics include Star Trek #58 and Star Trek: Manifest Destiny #4.

Star Trek #58 is “the stunning conclusion of Legacy of Spock! The fate of the Vulcan people hangs in the balance as Spock tries to prevent all-out war with the Romulan Empire! Will the Vulcans find a new homeworld on which to rebuild their civilization…or does this spell the end of their species? The final chapter of this event celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek!”

Written by Mike Johnson and featuring art by Tony Shasteen and covers by Shasteen and Alberto Silva, Star Trek #58 is thirty-two pages in length and will cost $3.99.

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Next up is Star Trek: Manifest Destiny #4. In this issue, the “50th Anniversary Celebration of the Star Trek franchise continues in this special event mini-series! The fate of two civilizations comes down to the ultimate face-off between Captain Kirk and the Klingons!”

Written by Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrott, with art by Angel Hernandez and covers by Hernandez and Jen Bartel, the thirty-two page issue will sell for $3.99.

For larger images, click on the thumbnails. More preview pages can be found at the referring site.

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Source: Comics Continuum

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