A New Poster Plus More About Jaylah

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jaylah-poster-chair-blog-696x1085A new poster of Jaylah has been released. This poster features the alien sprawled out in the captain’s chair.

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In addition, more details on Jaylah emerged, from the August issue of Empire magazine. (Spoilers below.)

In Star Trek Beyond, “the crew is separated into unusual pairings: Spock with Bones; Kirk with Chekov; Sulu with Uhura; and Scotty with Jaylah, who was stranded on Krall’s deadly planet as a child, after an earlier attack by the villain.”

The planet on which some of the Enterprise crew has landed after the destruction of their ship is called Altamid. “As Scotty is about to be offed by unfriendly aliens, Jaylah leaps to his rescue.

“She speaks in a broken English that [Simon] Pegg wrote for Boutella‘s accent, and fights with balletic grace, at one point alongside two holographic projects of herself.”

Source: TrekCore

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