Pegg: Star Trek Beyond’s Space Station

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Fans at the Star Trek fan event last weekend got to see the USS Enterprise docking at a large starbase, Starbase Yorktown.

Simon Pegg explained a little about the starbase and its purpose. “It’s kind of a diplomatic hub,” he said. “It’s where all the most recent Federation inductees can come and mingle with each other and learn about each other. It’s a kind of lovely.

“…It’s basically a place where they can go, where they can better understand what being part of the Federation means. It’s an important kind of tactical establishment for the Federation. It’s been built locally, so it’s very interesting to look at, but it’s where the Enterprise docks up. [This is] the first time in like ten months [that the Enterprise has] had kind of proper contact with other people, and that’s where the story begins.”

“Designing [Starbase Yorktown],” added Pegg, “you know, you say that in a screenplay, you describe it, and then you get it to a production designer, and they come back with these amazing concept designs. That was the most amazing thing for Doug [Jung] and I. You know, you write away and write away, and then suddenly you see all these boards with this beautifully designed, incredibly imaginative stuff, and you kind of feel like you can take credit for it. Even though you shouldn’t!”

Source: IGN

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