More Canadian Commemorative Star Trek Stamps

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Canada Post has unveiled even more Star Trek stamps, created for the Fiftieth Anniversary of the iconic series.

The collection now includes stamps, first day covers, souvenir sheets, press sheets, panes, booklets, post cards, stamp dispensers and two special-effect lenticular stamps.

In addition, there are four limited-edition items available for purchase; a framed print signed by William Shatner, a framed stamp pane with a gold-ink postmark of the Enterprise’s trusty shuttlecraft, a lenticular enlargement, and a lenticular uncut press sheet.”

The stamps include Kirk, Spock, Scotty, McCoy, Kor, the USS Enterprise, and a Klingon D7-class battle cruiser. The lenticular sheet (two stamps), features scenes from The City on the Edge of Forever.

To see what Canada Post has to offer, head to the link located here.

Source: Global News

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