Lin On First Trek Trailer Criticism

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Star Trek Beyond‘s director Justin Lin was unpleasantly surprised with the reaction to the first Star Trek trailer released last year. Plus: Simon Pegg tweets new picture.

The criticism from people such as George Takei, who had worked with Lin before, was particularly painful. “George has always handled things with class,” said Lin. “He was a huge part of my life, so for him to swing a sucker punch, that hurt.”

Some fans called the trailer “Fast and Furious in Space,” partly due to Chris Pine‘s motorcycle jump in the trailer. Pine also rode a motorcycle in Star Trek (2009).

“On Fast, I wasn’t a car guy,” said Lin. “I guess it hurt more because [Star Trek] is something that is a part of me.”

Co-writer Simon Pegg had his opinion on the negative reaction to the trailer. He was “disappointed that Wil Wheaton, Patton Oswalt, and George Takei were slagging off the trailer, because they know a finished trailer is never a reflection of the finished film. Get a fucking clue! It’s really good fun: thrilling and heartfelt.”

Pegg has tweeted out a new photo, featuring Keenser, just ahead of the new trailer which releases tomorrow. “Keenser says ‘relax,'” said Pegg. “One more day until the new Star Trek Beyond trailer finally drops.”

Source: Wiredvia Simon Pegg's Twitter Feed

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