Beyer Joins Star Trek Television Series

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Star Trek: Voyager author Kirsten Beyer has joined the writing team for the new Star Trek series to be televised in January.

The news was revealed after the author withdrew from her usual appearance at the annual Shore Leave convention.

“One of our author guests, Kirsten Beyer, has to cancel her attendance at Shore Leave 38 for an admittedly very cool reason,” said the announcement. “Kirsten is one of the writers for the new Star Trek series. Her work load and commitment to the new series make it impossible to attend Shore Leave this year.”

Beyer took over the Star Trek: Voyager relaunch novels in 2009. She wrote eight books for the line including: Full Circle, Unworthy, Children of the Storm, The Eternal Tide, Protectors, Acts of Contrition, Atonement, and A Pocket Full of Lies.

Source: The Trek Collective

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