Pegg: Star Trek Beyond Is For All Fans

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Star Trek Beyond will be a movie for everyone, says Simon Pegg, and not just a Fiftieth Anniversary rehash of Trek’s greatest moments.

Established fans will enjoy the movie though, Pegg explained. “No [it’s not a Greatest Hits], but it’s a later iteration, obviously. I think for real fans of Star Trek, they’ll get a real kick out of the fact that it very much is Star Trek in its DNA. We’re at pains to maintain the canon that we’ve created and the canon that exists for Star Trek. But never make it feel like it’s a closed shop; that people aren’t welcome to come into it and buy a packet of chips or a bottle of milk.

“I think it’s just knowing what’s gone before, in a way, but at the same time understanding that this is a story which and always has been open to everybody. This is a universe that is so inclusive; no one is not welcome in Star Trek. So it has to embrace the fans that have been there for fifty years, and it has to embrace the people who go, ‘Oh, Star Trek, what’s that?’ Hopefully it gives them a chance to find out!”

Pegg also spoke about Star Trek Beyond to MTV, telling them that this time, “the Enterprise would be off on its five-year mission.” The goal this time was to make “a film that lots of people could go and see and say, ‘Hey what’s this Star Trek?’ And then go back fifty years.

“For the people that have been there for fifty years it was fun to make something that they would see as part of that continuum.”

Source: MTVvia Cinemablend

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