New Hallmark Ornaments Only Available At Three Conventions

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Hallmark is once again making exclusive Trek-themed ornaments available at several Trek conventions.

The ornaments include a USS Enterprise, and Maxine, dressed in Trek cosplay.

The ornaments will be available at the San Diego Comic-Con, the New York Comic Con, and at Star Trek: Mission New York.

For fans of the Hallmark Trek-themed ornaments who aren’t fortunate enough to live in either city, or who can’t afford to hop a plane and attend those conventions, tough luck. This seems to be an ongoing trend and those fans who have collected the ornaments since the beginning twenty-five years are out-of-luck again unless they have contacts or can pay the exorbitant Ebay prices for the exclusives that will surely follow.

The regular ornaments making their debut this year include Pavel Chekov, a gold-painted Enterprise commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of Star Trek, and Kirk and the salt vampire (The Man Trap).

Source: TrekCore

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