Eaglemoss Star Trek Ships Update

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Eaglemoss has announced the latest Star Trek ship to hit the U.S. and has also released information on issues Seventy-seven to Eighty-three.

Fans of the Klingons will be happy to hear of the U.S. release of the Klingon D7 battle cruiser. The magazine that accompanies this ship “includes many of Matt Jefferies‘ original drawings.”


Here are the scheduled ships to be released in issues seventy-seven to eighty-three:

  • Romulan Shuttle from Deep Space Nine: In the Pale Moonlight
  • Aeroshuttle from Star Trek: Voyager
  • Harry Mudd’s ship from the original series
  • Federation Mission Scout from Star Trek: Insurrection
  • Xindi Reptilian vessel from Star Trek: Enterprise
  • Warp Delta from Star Trek: Enterprise
  • Bajoran Troop Transport from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine



Source: StarTrek.com

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