Brewery Releases Trek-themed Beer

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The Clocktower Brew Pub, an Ottawa brewery, will release a Star Trek-themed beer next month.

The beer, “brewed with triticale, a hybrid of wheat and rye,” will be called Final Frontier.

“I am just a huge Star Trek fan,” said Patrick Fiori, Clocktower Brew Pub brewery manager. “When the opportunity for this came up, I contacted my supplier to see if they had it. When the answer was ‘yes’, I was just like, ‘We’re going to brew with that.'”

Final Frontier will be a “Kentucky Common” style of ale, “amber in color, slightly sweet and easy drinking.”

The new beer will make its debut at the Starfleet Gala at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum on May 12 and also at the Ottawa Comiccon, to be held at the EY Centre on the same weekend. After that, it will be available at various Clocktower locations.

No photos of the logo and label for Final Frontier have been released yet, and fans will have to wait until next month to see what the labeling looks like.

Source: Ottawa Sun

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