Redshirt’s Little Book Of Doom

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The Redshirt’s Little Book of Doom features a new cover, and fans interested in the book can see some preview pages.

The book is written by Robb Pearlman and features art by Anna-Maria Jung.

From Amazon, here is a description of the Redshirt’s Little Book of Doom: “This new book from the author of Fun with Kirk and Spock casts a wry, satirical eye on one of the most popular sci-fi sagas of all time.

“It’s common knowledge that if a Star Trek character is wearing a red shirt, chances are he’s going to die. But there are so many other ways red shirt–wearers can be humiliated. By mining the humorous depths of Star Trek‘s most popular in-jokes—that anyone wearing a red shirt is doomed — this book chronicles the many ways one Starfleet officer’s day can be ruined.

Poor Red Shirt just can’t catch a break. Whether he’s dealing with real-life problems we all face like accidentally mixing whites with colors or being stuck sitting behind a very tall Gorn in a movie theater or trying out a standup comedy routine in front of an audience of surly Klingons, our hapless hero faces a universe-sized number of obstacles.”

The sixty-four page book, which comes out mid-July and costs $13.27, can be pre-ordered here.

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Source: The Trek Collective

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