Paramount/CBS Amended Complaint Against Axanar

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The details of the amended complaint in the lawsuit by Paramount and CBS against the fan-film Axanar have been made public in a forty-eight page document.

Specifics were given as to what copyright infringements were performed by Axanar.

Some of the alleged infringements found in the document include:

  • Garth of Izar
  • Klingons (looks, personalities, weapons, ships, language, homeworld)
  • Vulcans and Vulcan
  • Battle of Axanar
  • The Federation
  • Beaming Up
  • USS Enterprise
  • spacedocks
  • Soval
  • Robau
  • John Gill
  • Andorians
  • Tellarites
  • Romulans
  • costumes
  • UFP logo
  • weapons
  • dilithium crystals
  • Sarek
  • Captain Robert April
  • Chang

Not mentioned: Former Trek actors who took part in Axanar (Gary Graham, J.G. Hertzler, and Tony Todd), or the various products pitched by the Axanar group (coffee, patches and ship models).

To get a complete breakdown and compare the original complaint with the amended one, head to the link located here.

In spite of the court case, there is still support for the Axanar project. A tweet by Star Trek Beyond Director Justin Lin was posted today, in response to the Hollywood Reporter article on the lawsuit. “This is getting ridiculous,” said Lin. “I support the fans. Trek belongs to all of us.”

Source: The Hollywood Reportervia G and T Show

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