Lin Working Long Days On Star Trek Beyond

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Star Trek Beyond Director Justin Lin is spending most of each day working on the post-production of the movie.

“Justin Lin works really fast,” said Logan Hill, an entertainment writer who visited the editing offices recently. “He’s got a reputation in the business [as a director] who can turn massive projects around very, very quickly. He works from nine in the morning to two A.M. in the [editing] office, five days a week. Dude doesn’t sleep.

“I’ve talked to actors who’ve been on set with him and they said that he would show up on set, he’d film all day – and at nine o’clock everybody’d go out to dinner, [but Lin] would go into the editing bay and sleep. He’s one of these guys that does REM cycle sleep, so he either sleeps an hour and a half or three hours a night, never more when he’s on set.

“He’d be editing [that day’s] sequences every night to make sure he got what he needed… He would stay up all night editing because if you don’t get [any needed] stuff the next day – with a cast like that that’s so big and has so many missing parts – you miss it.”

It’s worth it, according to Hill. “I saw some stuff that was nearly finished, that looked spectacular,” he said.

Source: TrekCore

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