Lien Pays Restitution

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Star Trek: Voyager‘s Jennifer Lien has paid restitution to the Harriman Police Department for damage to one of their vehicles last April.

The amount paid was $2,291.85.

“She paid her restitution and the state agreed to set the case off for six months to give her an opportunity to continue to get mental health treatment,” said Public Defender Kim Nelson. “It is a favorable agreement that we reached with the state.”

In the April 2015 incident, Lien “struck a police vehicle in an attempt to evade arrest.”

Lien will appear in court again over the summer for two cases. In addition to the above-mentioned case, Lien was arrested for indecent exposure last August.

“She will continue to comply with her mental health treatment,” a court document Humphrey signed on Monday states. “This case is reset for August 29 for review. In the meantime, (defendant) is subject to pretrial supervision.”

Source: Roane County Webpage

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