DRM-Free Star Trek Books Debut Today

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Beginning today, Star Trek fans will be able to read their newly-purchased Pocket Books Trek novels on the devices of their choice.

“In conjunction with the Fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek, Pocket Books, long-term publisher of Star Trek books, and CBS Consumer Products will release more than seven hundred Star Trek ebooks free of Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Pocket Books is thrilled to make this iconic series widely available and accessible for the many readers who have enjoyed them, and to introduce Star Trek novels to a whole new universe of fans. We’re excited to re-introduce many classic stories and to enable discovery and ease of purchase that DRM-free provides,” said Louisa Burke, President and Publisher of Pocket Books.”

The DRM-free library can be purchased here, or at most other sites where ebooks are sold.

In addition, the popular Mirror Universe and Vulcan’s Soul trilogies are now $0.99 each. “New visitors to the site will be eligible for a free digital copy of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock movie tie-in novelization when they join the mailing list.”

In the future, more special offers, ebook deals, giveaways, sweepstakes, unique content and much more will become available.

Source: Press Release

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