Two Star Trek IDW Publishing Comics

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Two Trek comics will be available tomorrow, but fans can have a sneak peek at one of them today.

The comics include Star Trek #54 – Five Year Mission: Reunion Part II, and Star Trek: New Visions Volume 3.

In Star Trek #54 — Five-Year Mission: Reunion Part II, “Galactic peace hangs in the balance as the Enterprise crew battles a renegade Orion faction…and faces betrayal from within!”

Written by Mike Johnson, with art and cover by Tony Shasteen, the thirty-two page issue will cost $3.99.






Star Trek: New Visions Volume 3 is written by and features art, cover and photo manipulation by John Byrne. This issue contains stories from issues #6-8, including Resistance, 1971, and The Survival Equation.

Resistance is a Borg story. In 1971, Kirk is sent two hundred years into the past to meet Gary Seven. In The Survival Equation, killer androids start showing up by the dozen!

One hundred and thirty-six pages in length, New Visions Volume 3 will cost $19.99.

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Source: Fresh Comicsvia Comic Book Resources

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