Star Trek Martial Arts Clothing

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Some new apparel from Fusion Fight Gear will be of interest to Trek fans who are also into martial arts.

The new items include rash guards (tops), spats (bottoms) and a Star Trek gi.

One of the rash guards include the Tokyo Invasion, which is “inspired by artwork created exclusively for the Japanese market when the original Star Trek series gained popularity there during the 1970s.”


Another rash guard features a Borg drone design. There are matching Borg spats, which “feature one leg covered in Borg interfaces, and the other with a large Borg emblem.”


Two rash guards feature TNG uniformed inspired designs; but they only come in red and gold. Three more come from the original series, and unlike TNG, these feature all three division colors.

A pair of USS Enterprise spats will complete either the rash guards from TNG or the ones from the original series. The spats feature the USS Enterprise on one leg, and a Starfleet emblem on the other leg.


A Spock Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Gi features various Spock and Vulcan-inspired emblems on it. The gi comes in a special bag.

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Source: The Trek Collective

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