Star Trek At The New York Toy Fair

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The annual Toy Fair is running in New York City, and plenty of Trek items were on display.

The toys include plush animals, board games, a chess set, action figures, ships, jewelry, vinyl figures, and Mega Bloks.


Gund will be releasing the original series characters as plush animals. Look for Captain Kirk as a lion, Dr. McCoy as a dog, Spock as a cat, Uhura as a teddy bear, and Scotty as a monkey.


USAopoly and Fireside Games will be releasing the Star Trek Panic board game. This game “merges the classic tower defense style play of the Panic series with the most iconic elements of the original Star Trek universe. In Star Trek Panic, players join the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise on a voyage to defend the ship from enemy attacks and carry out five vital galactic missions.”

Available in May, the game will cost $39.95.

Fans of chess will enjoy the Tridimensional Chess Set from Wood Expressions. The collectible chess set is based upon the one seen in the original series episode Where No Man Has Gone Before.

Mezco will expand its One:12 line of Trek Action figures with the addition of Captain Kirk. Previous releases featured Spock and Sulu. The Kirk figure will come with accessories and alternate hands and heads. The One:12 Kirk is due out in July.


Romulan fans, rejoice, with the news of a Romulan Bird of Prey release by Diamond Select Toys. “Measuring nine inches long with a twelve-inch wingspan, the Bird of Prey features dialogue and sound effects taken straight from TOS, as well as lights that are activated with the sounds, and can also be turned on permanently.”

The Romulan Bird of Prey will cost $60.00.

QMx/Quantum Mechanix will release a new Trek necklace this year. The necklace is inspired by Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, and will cost $14.99.


Hallmark will offer the Star Trek Itty Bittys Collector Set. The plush fabric characters include Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Uhura. Each character measures 3″W x 4″H x 2.25″ D.

The Star Trek Itty Bittys Collector Set costs $29.95 and is currently available.

Titan Entertainment is offering the Where No Man Has Gone Before vinyl collection. The characters include the original series bridge crew and Yeoman Rand and Nurse Chapel, plus characters from various episodes including Vina, Captain Pike, Balok, the Gorn, a Talosian and Khan.

Finally, Mega Bloks/Mattel will offer various Star Trek collector Construction Sets including the “U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Signature Series, the Klingon D7 Battlecruiser, an Away Team Figure Pack, the Classic Bridge, and a Transporter Room.” Expect these sets later this fall.

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