Pine: Accidental Success

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For Chris Pine, acting wasn’t inevitable; it just happened.

“I don’t even feel like I picked it,” he said. “I just started doing plays in college. And then I went to L.A. Then I got an agent. It just sort of rolled like a very slow snowball into what I’m doing now. It’s very weird.”

Pine’s parents are both actors and Pine worked in the industry before becoming an actor himself. He was a production assistant on two shows, including one on which his father was working. “Just regular old nepotism,” said Pine.

Although Pine is now moderately successful, he doesn’t feel that he can yet compare to his father, Robert Pine. “My father has had a SAG card since 1964,” said Pine. “He was under contract at one of the last studios that had a contract system. He’s been a working actor for fifty years. He put two kids through private school. He put three people through college. And he’s never stopped working in voiceover, on stage, in film and television. That to me is success. That is far more difficult to do what he did than what I’ve done.”

Pine’s current film project, The Finest Hours, was released January 29th.

Source: The Journal Gazette

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