New Trek Jewelry

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Two new items will be of interest to Star Trek fans who like Trek-themed jewelry.

The items include a Star Trek Friendship Necklace, and a Sterling Silver Trek LLAP Bead.

The Star Trek Friendship Necklace comes from Quantum Mechanix, and is inspired by Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. The Trek delta shield is split down the middle into two necklaces and has the phrase “I have been and always shall be your friend.”

Made of a zinc alloy, the Star Trek Friendship Necklace sells for $14.99 and can be pre-ordered here. Delivery is expected in May.

The Sterling Silver Trek LLAP Bead fits all major brands of bracelets (Pandora, Chamilia, Biagi, Troll, etc) and the five-sided bead features the letters “L” (two), “A” and “P” in addition to the Vulcan salute.

The Sterling Silver Trek LLAP Bead sells for $49.99 and can be ordered here.

Source: The Trek Collective

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