Antaeus Theater Company Is Moving

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The Antaeus Theater Company needs to move to a larger place, and is fundraising with the help of Deep Space Nine‘s Armin Shimerman.

Shimerman is not the only Trek actor involved with the company; Star Trek: Enterprise‘s Linda Park is also a member of the company.

The Antaeus Theatre Company is “a cooperative theatre ensemble founded in 1991 to celebrate and reinvigorate the classics.” Over one hundred-and-eighty actors belong to the Antaeus Theatre Company, which “stages award-winning productions, houses a classics library of over six thousand books, offers Academy classes and provides arts education to under-served and incarcerated youth and young adults.”

Much of the money for the move to larger digs was raised but there is still a need so that is why a Kickstarter campaign has been started. There will be plenty of perks for donors, including (of interest to Trek fans): a Shakespeare insult tweeted at the person of your choice from Shimerman or Park, a signed Deep Space Nine production still from Shimerman, Andy Robinson, or Kitty Swink, a signed Enterprise still from Park; a video thank you from Shimerman, Park, Swink and Rhonda Aldrich; dinner with Shimerman, Park, Swink and Aldrich and more.

For more details, head to the link located here. The fundraiser runs through March 17 and in the first two days, has raised a tenth of what is needed.

Source: Press Release

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