Two Forthcoming Starships Collection Ships

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Two new ships from Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection will be making their debuts this spring.

The ships include a Breen Warship and a Voth City Ship.

Issue Sixty-Nine will feature the Breen Warship. Breen warships were seen during the Dominion War, where the Breen were allied with the Dominion against the Federation and its allies.

Expect the Breen Warship in March in the U.K. and shortly thereafter in the U.S.

Issue Seventy will feature the Voth City Ship. The Voth City Ship was seen in Star Trek: Voyager, specifically in Distant Origin where the massive starship easily swallowed up the USS Voyager.

The Voth City Ship will be released in April in the UK and later in the U.S.

Source: The Trek Collective

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