Trek-themed Clothing

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For female fans wishing to express their love of Star Trek, there are plenty of Trek-themed items of apparel from ThinkGeek and other vendors.

First up are the Star Trek Kaleidoscope Skirt ($39.99) and a Star Trek Kaleidoscope Dress ($44.99). Both items come courtesy of ThinkGeek.


ThinkGeek is also offering the USS Enterprise Maxi Dress, which costs $39.99

Why not pair up the skirts/dresses with printed leggings? One style of the leggings from ThinkGeek features the surface of a Borg Cube, while another features images from a Starfleet Academy-styled computer. The leggings sell for $29.99 each.

It’s too late for this Christmas, but the wise consumer always thinks ahead. From comes the Star Trek Ugly Christmas Leggings, in the same style as that of an ugly Christmas sweater. These 95% polyester/5% spandex leggings cost $34.99.

All of the items, and more, can be seen at the referring site.

Source: The Trek Collective

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