Star Trek Beyond Tidbits

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Some of the actors in Star Trek Beyond shared their thoughts on their characters and the movie during their time filming in Vancouver last year.

Expect to see more than just Kirk-Spock, says Chris Pine. “I think the first films were very much Spock and Kirk-centric,” he said. “But this time, it seems like everybody…there’s a dispersal of the prime elements of Star Trek and it’s about the seeking the home base.”

Kirk’s “not a young man, at least as defined by the first film,” said Pine. “He’s not dealing with as many rage issues or having to prove himself. He’s been there and done that.”

Simon Pegg agreed with what Pine said about Kirk and Spock and the need to go beyond that. “There’s a moment in the script where they separate, and we felt like the Kirk/Spock dynamic had been explored quite a lot in the first two movies,” he said, “and myself and Doug Jung, my co-writer, always loved the dynamic between Bones and Spock, because they are opposites; they’re like the devil and the angel on Kirk’s shoulder. To put them together, in sort of perilous situations, felt like a gift to do.”

Karl Urban spoke about his scenes with Zachary Quinto. “It’s great,” he said. “We’re having a lot of fun together. The fun thing about it, is that you get the polarity of those two characters that quite often…you know, chalk and cheese…against each other, and you throw them into the deep end.

Source: Access Hollywood

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