And Even More Trek Music!

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More announcements have come from La-La Land Records about Trek music to be released this year.

One of the releases is indeed an all-Voyager collection, as mentioned yesterday. “Coming this spring/summer is the long-awaited 4-CD Collection for Star Trek: Voyager,” said Lukas Kendall.

Kendall went on to announce another Trek collection that will surely be of interest to fans. “and then after that we have a “Fiftieth AnniversaryStar Trek collection that we’re going to do a little differently…because we’re TAKING REQUESTS!

“This Fiftieth Anniversary album (# of discs TBD) will have music from across the fifty years of the Star Trek franchise — including previously unreleased cues from TNG, DS9, VOY (beyond the upcoming album) and ENT.

“This is not to say there may not be future volumes for DS9, ENT and the other shows, but for now, we are concentrating on this Fiftieth Anniversary collection to present as much previously unreleased music as we can.

“So…if you have favorite scores and/or cues, please list them here in this thread! Be as specific as you want from the episodes—give me Netflix timecode from the episodes and I will make sure to try to include the correct piece!”

To join in on the discussion, head to the link located here.

Source: Film Score Monthly

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