Trek Gift Ideas


Several items from ThinkGeek might help shoppers find that perfect present for the Trek fan.

The gift items include socks, a jacket and coasters.

The Star Trek Repeat Pattern Over-the-Knee Socks 2-Pack will let Trek fans express their love of Star Trek in true geeky style. The socks come in a set of two pairs. One set features various Starfleet division badges, and the other is an argyle set of socks with the command badge and a starfield.

The double set of Trek socks are made of cotton, polyester and spandex, and the cost for the socks set ise $19.99. To order, head to the link located here.

Next up is the Star Trek TNG Unisex Track Jacket. The TNG-style jacket comes in three colors: sciences/Commander Blue, Operations Gold, or Command/Captain Red.

Made of 100% polyester, the Track Jacket features an embroidered communicator badge, and rank pips. The zipper pull has a Starfleet insignia.

The Star Trek TNG Unisex Track Jacket costs $59.99 and can be ordered here.

The Star Trek Transporter Pad LED Coaster Set includes four coasters that look like original series transporter pads. The coasters light up and play materialization/dematerialization sounds when a drink is picked up or put down on the coaster.

The coasters use 2 CR2032 button cell batteries, and the coast for the set of four is $29.99. To order the Star Trek Transporter Pad LED Coasters, head to the link located here.


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