Star Trek Actors: About Star Trek Beyond


Some of the Star Trek Beyond actors had comments about the movie after the teaser trailer came out.

Chris Pine explained how Star Trek Beyond is different than its two predecessors. “The first film was about establishing the characters,” he said. “The second film was about taking it into a darker place, which was the in-vogue thing circa the Batman/Dark Knight era.

“For us Beyond is re-establishing — especially in the fiftieth anniversary of the Enterprise — of the world of Star Trek, re-establishing why Star Trek is uniquely its own beast. It’s funny; it’s got a total sense of humor.”

But yes, there will be action, promised Pine. “I can definitively say [Star Trek: Beyond] has the most action out of any one we’ve done so far,” he said. “People who like summer blockbusters and like shit blowing up will like this.”

Zoe Saldana‘s comment was about the cloud of ships that attack the Enterprise as seen in the recently-released trailer. “The Swarm is what we’re calling it,” she said. “it’s all these little ships moving in synchronicity like a school of fish in the ocean.”

Zachary Quinto explained the pairings seen in the trailer. “Circumstances dictate that we’re not all in this together,” he said. “We have to divide in order to conquer. We’re off in unconventional pairings; there’s a real sense of scrambling to defeat our common enemy.”

Simon Pegg cautioned Trek fans not to get too attached to the main characters. “This is a different reality, you know,” he said. “Just because [Shatner‘s] Kirk and those guys lived until they were in their seventies, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen in this universe. All bets are off. We’ve started again. It’s nice to have that element of unpredictability.”

[But TrekToday will have to have words with Pegg if they kill off the splendid McCoy.]

Finally, Sofia Boutella‘s character has a name, it’s Jaylah.

Source: TrekCore

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