Shatner’s Secret of Life


William Shatner explained why he is still so active at the age of eighty-four.

According to the actor, it’s a matter of understanding what one needs and then fulfilling it.

“It boils down to making choices that play a creative chord deep inside of you,” said Shatner. “You hear that chord, and you make your decisions not necessarily based on knowledge but instead based on a feeling of rightness. It’s not unlike a salesman who says, ‘I don’t care if I’m selling a refrigerator or a beach ball. The whole point is the art of the sell, of seeing what your need is, and making you understand that such a need can only be filled by your buying a beach ball.’

“If you’re tuned in to the feeling — I’m being specific about my life now — if you’re tuned in to the feeling, the correctness of it, you can say, ‘This feels good,’ or ‘This feels bad,’ and your decisions will at least be accurate for you.

“The chords that are played musically inside you, you have to learn to recognize them.”

Source: Vulture

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