Nichols Still Active At Eighty-Three


Like her former co-worker William Shatner, who is eighty-four, the eighty-three-year old Nichelle Nichols is still working at an age when most are retired.

Nichols did have a health scare this summer, when she had a mild stroke, but it was more of a big deal to her fans than to Nichols herself. “I’m feeling great,” she said. “And the thing is I continue to follow the slogan ‘Live long and prosper.’ I’m looking forward to living long and continuing to prosper. But I didn’t even regard (the stroke) as a major health scare. It scared more people than it scared me. But I’m glad to be happy, wealthy and wise.”

The actress was right back to doing conventions as soon as she was cleared medically. “Well, I was actually at the Miami convention within two weeks after being released from the hospital,” she said. “I never wanted to disappoint my fans because they never disappoint me. They’re always there for me and care about me, and I care about each and every one of them.”

She is back to work with NASA and is in talks with Whoopi Goldberg about a “co-production deal” on her “legacy project,” Noah’s Room.

“I’d like to be remembered for this, as well as my first interracial kiss on television, which wasn’t such a big deal,” said Nichols. “No, it was a big deal. It was a big deal… and a big kiss. Noah’s Room is about the first African-American family to take in a white youth who has been through the foster care system. It’s a reverse of The Blind Side, but without the clichés. And I’ll play the matriarch of the family.”

Nichol’s next convention appearance will take place in March, at the Central PA Comic Con, to be held in York, Pennsylvania.


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