Mulgrew On New Trek Series And Work Balance


Kate Mulgrew has some thoughts on what fans should see regarding the casting in the new Star Trek series, set to air in 2017, and on balancing work and personal life.

Mulgrew is in favor of diversity, but also curious as to the sex of the next Star Trek captain. “There has not been an LGBT Captain,” she said. “There are an infinity of things they haven’t had. But I’ll be curious to see if they choose a man or a woman. I think I wouldn’t mind a bit if I — well, I’m not even going to tell you that, that’s selfish. I’m eating my words, eating them! It’s just kind of nice being the only female Captain to date.”

The actress hopes that the next actor or actress to take on the role has an easier time balancing both a personal and a professional life, something that she found to be difficult during her time as Janeway. “I had two little children at home, so I was in a constant state of conflict,” she said. “How do I get to them? What’s going on? How do I assuage their fears? How do I balance all of this? I need to be as every good a mother as I am an actress. It was very difficult.

“I played Captain Janeway in the era that had not resolved the conflicts surrounding mothers and work.”

Mulgrew believes that it’s easier to find that balance today, but there is still room for improvement. “It’s a new day in television,” she said. “It’s slow-going. I’m not gonna be foolish about it. It’s still a boy’s club. But this must change, out of necessity.”

Source: The Huffington Post

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