More Trek Dubai Set Photos


Several new photos from the Dubai filming of Star Trek Beyond have emerged.

Supposedly, the Dubai location will stand in for “Starbase Yorktown,” a new starbase far from Earth.


At Jumeirah Lake Towers, note the Federation symbol in front of the building.


In another photo, Chris Pine is in a conversation with what may be the commander of Starbase Yorktown.


Zoe Saldana was seen with Zachary Quinto in one of the photos. When the Vancouver shooting ended earlier this year, she had tweeted a message saying, “Packing to fly back home from Vancouver, because my Star Trek shoot had end[ed].” It was assumed that she had meant that she wouldn’t be taking part in the Dubai filming, but obviously she did.

Sofia Boutella can also be seen in one of the shots, in the background behind Karl Urban, Pine, Quinto, Saldana and Anton Yelchin.

Source: TrekCore

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