Eisenberg To Receive New Kidney


Aron Eisenberg, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s Nog, will be receiving a new kidney at the end of the month, and a GoFundMe page has been created to help with expenses.

Born with only one kidney, and a defective one at that, the actor underwent transplant surgery at age seventeen. “Just before the transplant I had gotten into acting and after the operation I delved into it more — doing extra work,” said Eisenberg. “When I went to junior college, I realized that I needed to put everything I had into acting.”

Almost thirty years later, that kidney began to fail. Eisenberg was hospitalized this summer and it was determined that he was in need of a new kidney.

Yesterday, Eisenberg received the news that he will receive his kidney transplant on December 29. “I write this message tonight overwhelmed by the gratitude of support and love that I have received regarding my health from so many people,” said Eisenberg. “Thank-you, thank-you so very much for the messages, the prayers, the good thoughts and concern. It has truly made this experience so much easier to deal with over these last 4 months.

“And..the good news!!!

“I’m having a kidney transplant!!!!!!!

Eisenberg went on to thank those in his life who have cared for him and who are making this possible, from the donor, a family friend; his family and loved ones, and his fans.

“So, with that announcement, I would again like to express my heartfelt thank-you to everyone, to all of you that have sent me messages, words of encouragement, hope, love, prayers, good thoughts and everything in between. It made a huge difference in my life and I will forever be grateful.

“Thank-you so very much!!!”

Eisenberg’s girlfriend Malissa Longo created a GoFundMe page to help with expenses. “We are in need of some help while he is in the hospital and following the procedure, as I am his primary care giver and neither of us will be able to work during that time,” she said. “We also would like to help his amazing donor with time lost at work and any other expenses she may need while she recovers from donating such an incredible gift.”

Fans who would like to help Longo reach the goal of $10,000, can donate by heading to the link located here.

Best of luck to Aron. TrekToday joins his other fans in hoping for an easy surgery and a quick recovery.

Thanks to Jason S. for the tip!

Source: Aron Eisenberg's Facebook Pagevia USA Today

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