Beyond Ignores Some Darkness


Fans who didn’t like certain story elements from Star Trek into Darkness, fear not, they’re being ignored in Star Trek Beyond, according to Director Justin Lin.

Those who didn’t like the “magic blood” and “interstellar beaming” will be glad to hear that they are not part of the movie even if they are still part of Star Trek canon.

Simon [Pegg] and Doug [Jung] and I have spent some time on that,” said Lin. “Star Trek has been around for fifty years, and every filmmaker that comes on has a different point of view, and it’s a universe that can support many points of view and journeys and adventures. I embraced what J.J. has brought – without him this whole group wouldn’t be together – so I’m definitely very appreciative of him. At the same time, do we address it? No, but we don’t discount it. We don’t sit there and say it doesn’t exist, it’s part of this universe now.”

What about Carol Marcus? Will she be part of Star Trek Beyond? “We pick the crew up about two and a half years after Into Darkness,” explained Lin. “There were many iterations where we did go and explore [Carol Marcus], but we figured it was two and a half years…It was something we talked about and worked on, but in the presentation of this film it didn’t quite fit in. It’s there with the transporter and everything.”

And what about the Spock/Uhura romance? “What we’re doing is appropriate to the two and a half years,” said Lin. “It’s a continuation in a way, and I don’t want to ignore things and act as if they don’t exist, so there’s an acknowledgement and I think their relationship is consistent to the way it was before.”

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