Pegg: Star Trek Beyond Was Fun


Some might think that having to write a movie in half the normal time would be stressful, but for Simon Pegg, it was “fantastic fun.”

“It was emotional highs and lows all the way because we were under a lot of pressure, because the timeframe was a lot smaller than it would normally be,” he said. “You write a film of that size, you usually get a year or so, but I think we started maybe six months before we went into production, if that. Just under six months and we were already in pre-production, which meant that things had to be designed and set pieces had to be created and the pressure on us to deliver was extraordinary, but me and Doug Jung, together with Justin (Lin) and our producers Leslie, just stood up to it and did it, and actually by the time we started shooting, it had become pretty fun. It was tense the whole time, but it was a pretty amazing train set to get to play with.”

Fun or not, once Pegg was finished with Star Trek Beyond, he was ready to pack it in for a while. Yeah, it’s amazing and I feel very grateful,” he said, of writing the kinds of films that he loved as a boy. “It makes me unsure of what I want to do next really. Once I finished Star Trek Beyond a couple weeks ago, I got home to my home in the UK and I just thought, ‘I don’t really want to leave again.’ I honestly had this feeling of maybe I should just quit now. I don’t know.”

So what’s next for Pegg? “I feel like I’d maybe like to diversify,” he said. “I’m going to be tied to a few big films for a while, because I know we’re probably going to make another Mission: Impossible and who knows if we make another Star Trek? I don’t know but it’s a possibility. I have big movies to do. I feel like maybe I’d just like to go small. I specialize in comedy, it’s something I enjoy, but I don’t consider myself to be a comedian or even a comic actor. I’m just an actor and I’d quite like to do a wide variety of things and just keep it interesting really.”


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