Masterson As Mirror Leeta


Chase Masterson, who has taken on the role of Admiral Leeta in Star Trek Online’s Season 11 – New Dawn, was interviewed recently by Executive Producer Steve Ricossa.

In the video, Masterson talks about the Star Trek Online and how it helps to keep the franchise alive while it’s in-between movies/shows.

Masterson has previously played a holographic version of Leeta, but in this season, she is playing the main antagonist for Season 11. “Star Trek is all about things not being what they seem,” she said. “This is Leeta going in the exact opposite way, having been a much smaller character. Now it has nothing to do with Leeta’s looks or sexuality. It has everything to do with her intelligence and her quest for power.”

Star Trek Online: Season 11 – New Dawn takes place after the end of the five-year Iconian War.

“Now it is time for a new beginning. In two new featured episodes, Sunrise and Stormbound, players discover a previously unknown civilization on the brink of disaster, and uncover the identity of a mysterious time-traveler. Meanwhile, Admiral Leeta has taken the opportunity to lead an offensive into the prime universe. She leads the Terran Empire in an attack against the Badlands and Deep Space Nine.”

Source: Arc

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