Koenig and Nichols To Join Excelsior Project

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Star Trek: Excelsior, an award-winning fan series, will welcome Nichelle Nichols and Walter Koenig for a 50th Anniversary special.

The project is currently in fundraising status, seeking to raise at least $5,556.

In Star Trek: Excelsior, the “U.S.S. Excelsior, fourth starship to bear the name, is on a two-year mission of exploration on the far side of the galaxy. Some would call this an honor for Commander Alcar Dovan and his young crew, especially coming so soon after the tragic death of Captain Cortez and so many veteran officers at Valandria. Certainly that’s what Admiral Parker’s telling the press. Those with a more cynical mindset — such as, oh, I don’t know, Captain Dovan himself — would call it exile, a cover-up designed to keep the Excelsior out of the public eye after their shocking, top-secret discovery of a terrifying threat to the entire galaxy.

“Since passing through the ancient Iconian Gateway that sent them to this distant region of space, they have had less and less contact with Starfleet Command, and seen sights they could have never imagined. But why is this area so full of Iconian ruins? And why, after a quarter of a million years, are so many of them starting to show signs of life?”

Star Trek: Excelsior seeks to raise its initial funds for the episode by December 18. It has raised $2,981 at this writing. Their first stretch goal, which would bring on Koenig as Captain Chekov, would be met with a total of $12,500 in funding.

In the special episode featuring Koenig and Nichols as Captains Chekov and Uhura, it will “be down to Uhura and Chekov to resolve a historic crisis and save the galaxy – past, present and future.”

If funded, the show will air on Star Trek’s 50th birthday next September 8.

To read more and to donate, head to the link located here.

Source: Starship Excelsiorvia Excelsior Kickstarter

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