Star Trek: The Animated Voyages Digital Comic Book #3

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Issue Three of the Star Trek: The Animated Voyages digital comic book, featuring the USS Starhaven, has just been released.

Set in the time of the original series, the USS Starhaven is on its five-year-mission, where the crew will encounter new life, and old foes.

The crew of the USS Starhaven features familiar faces from The Animated Series as well as some newcomers.

Star Trek: The Animated Voyages was created and written by Jon Markiewitz. His wife Leah Markiewitz is the editor for the series.

The latest issue, Upon the Outward World is the third part of a four part story. The USS Starhaven crew soon realizes that “a Federation enemy holds the key to unlocking a technological marvel, and the Starhaven may not be able to escape destruction!”

Issue Three can be found here.

Issues One and Two can be read here.

Source: Press Release

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