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Changes are happening at Star Trek: Renegades, with a familiar character leaving the fan-produced series, and two new Star Trek actors joining it.

Walter Koenig announced that Admiral Chekov’s last appearances in Star Trek: Renegades will be in episodes two and three of the production. Koenig’s first appearance as Chekov was in the original series’ episode Catspaw.

Cirroc Lofton, Jake Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, has joined Star Trek: Renegades, where he will reprise his role as Benjamin Sisko’s son. Aron Eisenberg, who played his Ferengi friend Nog on Deep Space Nine, is also involved in Star Trek: Renegades.

Another Trek actor, this time from Star Trek: Voyager, is joining Star Trek: Renegades. Robert Beltran will be returning to the world of Trek as Commander Chakotay.

Star Trek: Renegades plans on making more episodes, and in view of that, will announce new details about their Kickstarter project at the end of the month. “These new episodes will take the story to new heights, introducing new cast members, as well as bringing back some of Star Trek‘s most beloved characters from Deep Space Nine and Star Trek Voyager,” they said in an announcement on their website. “Every part of production is being ramped up, from the creative team involved in the scripts, as well as the design team, wardrobe, and many more Star Trek actors, as Renegades moves into creating and producing the first full twelve-episode season.”

Source: Star Trek Renegades

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